Saturday, September 13, 2008

LADIES FIRST (UPDATED: includes inks)

BEFORE: Drawn using a Col-Erase 20044 Blue pencil (which I always draw with) and inked using a Pentel brush pen.

AFTER: Scanned into photoshop, nuked with 'adjustments>threshold' then colored using numerous, glorious effect filters. Notably 'pixelate>Color Halftone' which I love using (turned all the way up to 11... the default is 8 but them dots is too small for that exaggerated four-color look).

WKRR? seems to be getting back on track after a two week long hiatus. Had to scratch out my effort as quick as Quentin because I've not got very much time to contribute to the WKRR? at the moment what with all the work I'm doing on Holmes. More on that in a bit.


james corcoran said...

What a great panel it really pops out of the screen love the colouring effects reminds me of old four colour comics.Got up a copy of Dorian Gray yesterday looks great!!

Best wishes James

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Cheers, James. Hope you enjoy the book.