Friday, March 10, 2006

Dark Horse: New Recruits

To get the ball rolling, here is the cover art I produced for the anthology, which, along with characters from Wild Talents, includes characters from Nick Plumber and Adam Adamowicz's The Pied Piper, RHS' Discreet Dispair, Andrew Krahnke's Zombie Killer and Jacob Chabot's The Mighty Skullboy Army.

And here are the first two pages of Wild Talents: The God Machine (a 'steampunk-ish' tale of mystery and adventure on the fog shrouded streets of Victorian London).

Wild Talents: The God Machine is Copyright ©Ian Culbard, 2005.
You can find reviews of the Anthology here and here. You can also buy a copy of it here.


D'Israeli said...

Neat stuff! There's a real coherence and confidence to your work - if you hadn't said in your profile, I'd have guessed you had a background in animation. i'll have to get me a copy of this - any prospect of more work from Dark Horse?

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Many thanks.

Yes, potentially. I've pitched a graphic novel to them (a while ago now) and am waiting to hear back. I'm in contact with the same editor who did the New Recruits book and so I'm running stuff through him. So, fingers crossed.