Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Welcome to Strange Planet Stories.

I'm an Animation Director who makes TV commercials and helps develop TV shows (you can see my animation work here) and have just started out in the field of comics.

I recently (Jan '06) had the good fortune of having two stories published in the Dark Horse: New Recruits anthology (vol. 1) and will be keeping this blog as a journal of my adventures in COMICS and ANIMATION as it were. I'll be posting my own artwork from time to time and generally anything else that catches my attention. I'll also be linking some YouTube broadcasts of my animation.


Jo Bling said...

Marvellous work sir! Mighty easy business then, this blogging mullarky. Even if it does sound rude, you filthy blogger......

Bada Bling!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Cool work !!

Jeez jo bling's here,they really will let anyone on the net these days ! Oh well !!