Saturday, May 28, 2011


Here's the final cover art for A Princess of Mars. The one seen in the SelfMadeHero catalogs was a texture/color rough and not quite finished. And, like the cover for At the Mountains of Madness, it is a full wrap around cover but I won't be revealing that for a bit yet. But you will be seeing sneak peeks over the coming months of the interior art.

Now, what goings on have been going on since last I posted? Well, I attended the Bristol Comics Expo a couple of weeks back where I was part of a panel discussion with David Hine, Ian Edginton, Rob Davis and Dan Lockwood - talking about the Lovecraft Anthology. I also met up with many many lovely people including Alison Sampson who's blog Space In Text is an absolute must visit (I drew Juno for her), and Stacey Whittle of Small Press Big Mouth (I drew Johnny Alpha for her). Also met, very and all too briefly, Ernesto Priego from the Comics Grid, with whom I really wish I'd had longer to chat, and Mark Clapham from Shiny Shelf who I also wish I'd spoken to for longer. I managed to miss a lot of people but hopefully will see them all soon.