Saturday, December 10, 2011


The cat is out of the bag. Vertigo have announced a new mini-series. The New Deadwardians by Dan Abnett and me! I have had to keep that one a secret for absolutely AGES!!! But its out now (well, first issue is out in March 2012) but I can finally say I'm doing a series for Vertigo! 

And here's the opening line to Dan's original pitch:

"May I just confess that this is a story that involves both zombies and vampires, two things I swore I would never write about because they had both long since jumped the shark. Then this idea came to me and wouldn’t leave me alone. Please be tolerant of the zombie-and-vampire-ness of this until you’ve heard me out. It’s essentially a detective story set in an alternate history England, circa 1900.”

Hence - I've been busy. 

Here is the cover to issue 1! Be sure to keep an eye out for it.