Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More Mad Doctors In Love

So, where we last left off, Rocco was falling to his death. Or so we thought. Here are the closing pages of the first chapter of "Mad Doctors In Love", as it were.

When I drew these pages, I was listening to"A Boat in the Fog" from Max Steiner's Original "King Kong" Film Score and Mama Told Me (Not To Come) and Never Been to Spain by Three Dog Night. I think that's where I found Rocco.

Speaking of Rocco, here's a couple of pages of sketches for 'Mad Doctors In Love'. The first has a glimpse at some thumbnails I did for the first two pages and at the bottom, the lantern jawed guy is an early version of Rocco. But I decided then that he just didn't look tough enough. The second sketch page is another version of Rocco. The prominent brow is evident, but here I thought he looked a little too old.

Mad Doctors In Love is Copyright ©Ian Culbard, 2006.


Jo Bling said...

I thought you didn't use sketchbooks anymore?? ;-) These are terrific! I always loved rifling through your hand drawn sketchbook stuff so it's lovely to see this.

Do make sure you let folks know that the handsome lantern jawed hero was modelled on me, by the way. I gladly waive any subsequent royalties that come your way resulting from your comic's success using my striking visage.


I. N. J. Culbard said...

But the guy I've drawn looks nothing like Elton John ;)

Actually, I've not used a sketchbook in years.

Since about the mid 90's I started using office paper and eventually keeping everything together with clip binders. Now, all my sketches just go in magazine boxes and every so often I have a spring clean where I sit in my attic and throw bin bags full of meaningless doodles out (recycling). I keep the ones that resemble something recognisable, and sometimes I'll come across an old idea that makes me think, 'hey, that's not so bad an idea'. It's always great when you find something like that.