Saturday, August 19, 2006

He lived the rest of his life a beggar ...

... which was perfectly just.

It's been too long since I last posted, but a great deal has been happening. I was looking at possible funding from certain sources but decided against it for various reasons (one being that the project is too far beyond certain stages to suit certain aspects of a certain funder's remit). So that's eaten up a great deal of time (none wasted however as I learned a considerable amount in the process). The quest goes on, but I shall not let it halt production, it just means that by and large this production is funded by the commercial work I do. I'm just finishing a small hand full of commercials for Picasso Pictures which should pay the rent a while and allow me to continue with Grimmwood. However, if there are any rich Kings or golden egg laying geese out there, do call.

Secondly, a learning curve has kept me occupied. I recently acquired Swift 3D, which, as stated in one of my initial posts on this here blessed production blog, was of the software packages mentioned. Various camera shots and backgrounds will incorporate 3D assisted elements. As I'm used to working in 2D rather than 3D, this has meant I've spent quite a bit of time sitting through tutorials in what spare time I've had (whilst not earning keep). I must thank a friend at this point, Colin Fawcett, who, when I explained my dilema of thinking in three dimensions suggested I get my head around modelling by downloading Google's free "Sketchup" and practice on there first. And that worked a treat, so, many thanks Colin. It's a remarkable programme and takes about three or four steps to learn to use. I highly recommend it for getting ones noggin around the third dimension.

Production shall resume shortly. In the meantime, above you will see the final model for Red.

Grimmwood and all production work is © 2006, Ian Culbard, All rights Reserved.

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