Thursday, August 02, 2007


Rumor has it, via The Sun (which, while not particularly reliable for any other sort of news, has proved to be right on more than one occasion regarding the new series of Doctor Who) says that James Nesbitt is the next shoe-in for the role of The Doctor in BBC's Doctor Who.

James Nesbitt currently appears in BBC's Jekyl, which I've managed to completely miss (but my sister assures me that she'll be getting me it on DVD for my Birthday), which is written by Doctor Who writer (and one of the best writers of the show) Steve Moffat. Interesting. I've not really seen James Nesbitt in anything but Cold Feet and Yellow Pages commercials so we shall see, but it certainly seems to make sense to me. I wonder if all planets have a County Antrim also and Nesbitt will be keeping his accent? David Tennent is expected to leave at the end of season 4 as is, rumor has it, Russel T Davies who will apparently stand down as show runner, and Moffat is rumored to be taking over the reigns (which, given how terrific "Empty Child", "Girl in the Fireplace" and "Blink" have been can only be a good thing).

UPDATE: According to Outpost Gallifrey, Steve Moffat has chimed in on the discussion forum there, saying:
The James Nesbitt story is a total fabrication. Made up. A fantasy. Just a guy sitting at a desk and just inventing stuff.

I wasn't going to say anything, but I'm getting embarrassed for the deeply wonderful Jimmy Nesbitt. So tell everyone please, cos it's getting very silly.

Steven Moffat
So, the James Nesbitt story has been denied, but I notice no denial of Steve Moffat taking over as show runner! Could it be?


Andrew Glazebrook said...

James Nesbitt,not a great choice in my opinion. Really don't like his acting much,the Yellow Pages ads is probably about the best he gets !

paulhd said...

Hmmmm, Nesbitt bad, Moffat good, who will win out?

Laura said...

Nesbitt in my opinion is not a good choice. I heard a rumor that Harry Lloyd from "Robin Hood" could possibly take over the roll. Judging from his performance in "Family of Blood" and "Human Nature", I think he'd be great!!!