Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Who Killed Round Robin? has been going for six months now as we round the corner at 23 pages with no end in sight just yet. It's something that allows me to try something new - or rather hone a direction for my work. Of late I've been cross hatching like crazy which you may notice if you look very closely (click on the image above for a closer look). WKRR? also allows me to practice my use of color. Odd to also think that at Page 1, Plate 1, which I'd drawn last new years eve, I'd only drawn 5 pages of Dorian. I've contributed a total of 14 'plates' to WKRR?, over which time I've completed a 119 page graphic novel and have tentatively started work on another. These last 6 months have proved the most educational, I've learned a tremendous amount and am absolutely ravenous for more. Over the next couple of days or so I'm preparing my pitch for Zuda, something I've been talking about doing for ages (and not exactly been putting off either) where I'll hopefully be able to put some of those lessons to good use.


paulhd said...

One of the things I've enjoyed about WKRR is watching all the artists experiment, you and Dave Taylor in particular seem to enjoy this.
Good luck with the Zuda pitch.

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Great to hear you're enjoying the WKRR?. Working on Zuda today, thank gawd.

D.TAYLOR said...

Me? No. I hate it!