Monday, August 18, 2008

37, 42, 6, 2.

More numerical homage on the WKRR? Going from The Mothman Prophecies Number 37 to The Prisoner AND Battlestar Galactica's Number 6 right the way across to the end of the universe with The Hitch hiker's Guide to the Galaxy's meaning of life the universe and everything with 42 and finally back to The Prisoner again with Number 2. Numerical nonsense aside, "Dickie Bird" is slang in this neck of the woods for "word" (so she's saying 'not a word' basically, for those not up on their cockney rhyming slang and not of the British Isles) and a reference to the fact that all the characters in this scene when they're not referring to one another as numbers are actually named after birds.

I wanted to keep the inking effects very 'in camera' as they'd say in the film business, with regard to this plate. Basically, the frantic cross hatched shading level has moved from being something I would normally have dropped over the background on an overlay channel to being part of the actual finished inks (likewise speech balloons).


Jo Bling said...

Lovely colour palette squire, verrrry nice. Hey, what's happened with Grimmwood? I've just tried looking on there and it's locked to certain viewers?

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Someone in the audience at BAF'07 asked me, and I paraphrase, 'do you ever have ideas for animation that you think would make better comics or any comic book ideas that would make better animated films?'

Basically, at that point I was still struggling to find the time (not the money) to make Grimmwood as a film. And then it gradually became a case of struggling to find the money to afford the time etc. That and various other related projects began to appear from various other places. So it then evolved into a comic book project and that has since evolved into something completely different (so much so it's not even called Grimmwood anymore). More on that, hopefully, at a later date.