Monday, September 01, 2008


The Picture of Dorian Gray © 2008 SelfMadeHero

The Picture of Dorian Gray is out this October. I got my proof copy just the other day and am pleased as punch. Smells gorgeous (a good quality printing ink is like catnip to me) and looks and feels gorgeous too (SelfMadeHero pulling out all the stops as they always do with their books).

The Picture of Dorian Gray will be available from, Amazon .com and as well as all good bookstores.


Unknown said...

Beautiful work. You mentioned Manga Studio in a previous post, did you work on Dorian Gray with it too? I love doodling about with it, it's an amazing program and as I've think you've already said the brush tool is great. I'm always a bit frightened of taking the leap to go fully digital when it comes to inks. You're inspiring me to take the jump!

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Many thanks, Faz, much appreciated. Yes, Dorian Gray was digitally inked throughout. Manga Studio is a very nifty tool indeed - I haven't looked back since.