Tuesday, November 04, 2008


My work on the 2000AD Christmas special is done and I'm looking forward to seeing it in print. I've also got another 3 pager for something else that popped up towards the tail end of last week that needs to be done before the end of this month. More on that as and when I can spill beans.

And now for something completely different. Here's a letter I found addressed to me which mildly amused me.

Now, picture this. The young Master Culbard, to whom the above letter was addressed (I still have the envelope the letter arrived in and no it doesn't have a stamp on it, it has a royal stamp, but not an actual postage stamp with the Queens head on it), was at that time a little boy reading The Hobbit, The Wind in the Willows and The Lion and the Witch in the Wardrobe (the three main books of my childhood at that time) and listening to Mozart, Holst and Wagner (I really wasn't fond of 'pop' music). Some might say a precocious child. Others might say disturbing. And others might say - oh never mind them, they're not important anyway. But I digress. Imagine, if you will, my delight at such a wonderfully naive and innocent age upon reading the following:
"The Prince and Princess of Wales have asked me -"
They specifically asked. They said, "Henrietta dearest, do be a chum and write to that dear fellow and thank him for us would you. It was awfully kind of him to write to us and to spare a moments thought for us given how frightfully busy he is with all this and all that." Or at least that's likely the way I would have seen it aged nine.
"Their Royal Highnesses were most touched by the good wishes you have expressed"
What the heck did I write that gave merit to a letter from Buckingham blooming Palace?

I can only imagine it may have gone something like this:


Rob Davis said...

lol. Lovely pic, very funny.

I'm intrigued, what's this secret job...? g'wan do tell....

Didn't know you were doing stuff for 2000ad, what is it?

I. N. J. Culbard said...

The 2000AD job is a 5 pager with Ian Edginton, but I can't say what it is as its a surprise. I have to keep it zipped on that one till I get the okay from Tharg. And when I do I'll be posting a blooming obvious giveaway as to what it is right here on this blog. As for the secret job, more on that in a bit. All ridiculously hush hush, I know, but that makes it all the more fun. :)

Unknown said...

As Rob said, it's a lovely pic, nice textured background too. What a sophisticated young man you were!

Richard Mitchelson said...

The line work on this image is really top stuff, i love the texturing on the smoking jacket, and what i can only guess is your mum's legs. The whole thing has a great warmth... nice one. And as an aside i was 3 days old when that letter was written, not that important but it made me smile...