Friday, May 01, 2009


(A Study in Scarlet © 2009 SelfMadeHero)
HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES arrived this morning in the post. My advance copy and I am very very pleased and rather excited now. There's always that awful period of dread before it arrives, always wondering/hoping it printed okay. And I'm very pleased to say it did. SelfMadeHero have done a brilliant job in putting this book together.

The book comes with additional content at the back. A sketchbook which looks at numerous versions of Holmes and Watson from my early sketchbooks, a map of 221B and a four page preview of A Study in Scarlet which I am currently working on.

Now, about that. A Study in Scarlet has been presenting new challenges. It's a slightly different book in so much as its earlier in chronological order to the events which take place in Baskervilles. As such Holmes and Watson look a little younger - Watson returns from the Battle of Maiwand "thin as a laff and brown as a nut" and Holmes has slightly more unruly hair than before to complement a slightly more unruly, arrogant attitude. There's a greater abundance of floppy hair and sideburns generally in the book. And of course 221b gets a slight redesign - structurally exactly the same space, but there will be different furniture and different wallpaper etc.

Above is the first sneak peek from A Study in Scarlet (which comes out this October).

AND I'll be at the Bristol International Comic Expo on 9th and 10th of May. There's a panel scheduled in the Park Suite on the Saturday at 11am and Edginton and I will be signing copies of the book there. Also, later in the month, the book will be on sale at GOSH! in London with an exclusive book plate (limited to 200 copies).


sam hearn said...

Yay! Good stuff Mr C. That means my pre-ordered copy should be popping through the letterbox soon then... I'm excited about getting it : )


paulhd said...

I'm at Bristol and I'd love to see the panel, but I'll probably be in a queue with the other hopefuls.
Can't wait to buy this, that's some serious graft you've put in, and what've you've shown looks fantastic.

Antonio said...

Hey Ian,

it was good to get to know you in Bristol. Hope to see you at some other comicon soon!