Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Here's the last three plates I did for WKRR? which oddly, when put together, even though they're divided by other contributors plates in the actual story, read straight through. Out of context, the three plates still wouldn't make much sense, but I do wonder if I'd tried this from the start if I'd been able to pull it off, having one through line in the story that could be read entirely on its own. Inspired by Dave Taylor pasting his plates together over on his blog.

And whilst on the subject of being inspired ... here's something pretty awesome:
'This is a game. It is inspired by the project "Round Robin" in where a series of professional comic artists join to create an unexpected history'
The work over on Cadaver Exquisito really is quite exquisite, so please do go check it out. I was able quite easily to work my way through the story with a translator widget (that's the glory of comics, not a lot of text).

Their contributors include Bachan, Edgar Clement (both of whom have contributed thus far), Humberto Ramos, José Quintero, Patricio Betteo, Lucas Marangon, Francisco Herrera and Tony Sandoval.


Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks for the comment... I am very happy for your visit to our game, and I'm glad we've sent some spanish speakers to check you guys out.
We're all mexican comic artists, and we've known eachother for a while, but couldn't ever agree on a project we could do together, so frankly, when we saw what you were doing with WKRR, it was very inspiring. It's a great game, and the results are awesome.
Hope you don't mind we swiping your rules of the game, after all, the end result I think is going to be vastly different.

Keep up the good work, please. I'm a fan of this and really wonder HOW will you finish this...


I. N. J. Culbard said...

Wonderful to hear from you, Buchan. Thanks for dropping by. Its great to see WKRR? has inspired others to do the same, and your game is certainly off to a very fine start. All the very best with it.

Unknown said...

Thanks. I wanted to ask you though... I've noticed that the turns get scrambled, sometimes some of the players repeat turn quickly and others almost dissapear... How long do you wait 'till deciding to jump a turn if the artist at the bat can't deliver? I'm publishing the strips at 12:00am, so I asked my colleagues to deliver no later than that hour at the assigned day. If at that point someone else has to do a strip, it would eat more time! Do you all have administrator rights to the site? Does each one uploads their own strips?
Eh... I'm not sure if I'm making myself clear... I have a hard time writing in english.
Anyway.... Thank you again for giving us your blessing, we'll try not to dissapoint.

I. N. J. Culbard said...

You're English is superb, and I appreciate the effort. I'm just sorry I don't speak Spanish.

With regard to turns, here's how it works.

If a contributor has time or feels inspired they simply call "HUZZAH" to announce their turn. One condition being that they cannot follow their turn till 24 hrs after their last post. That way the contribution order is completely random. Each artist has 3 days from the moment they HUZZAH till the midnight of that 3rd day, after which it becomes open to everyone again and anyone can take the next turn, even if they were the last turn.

The simple reason for this HUZZAH system is that not everybody has time, some people work at different speeds, different hours of the day even and some people want to be more involved and some people want to be less involved. Its entirely up to them. And the benefit of this rule is that no contributor has to consistently follow the same person, so it adds to the spontaneity. It also doesn't hold back those wishing to contribute more, or demand anything from those wishing to contribute less. How much a contributor plays is entirely up to them.

Also all the contributors have administrator rights to the blog and they all upload their own contributions. Hope this helps. Any other questions, feel free to ask.

Unknown said...

It helps a lot... It also explains everything. Every time I saw the 'huzzah' term, I just though it was a compliment. Duh...
We just published today strip no. 3, so far we've been able to put a new one every 3d day. Before moving things in the way you guys are doing it, I think I'd like for ALL 8 of us to get a turn.
I'll talk to the guys next week end and discuss this with them. After all, we're fortunate in the way that most of us live in the same city.

Thanks again, and I'll take you up on the offer... I'll ask if I get another question.

mrphoenix said...

The best thing about the HUZZAH system is that if the contributors feel particularly inspired, several panels can be posted very quickly. In one particularly fertile week, there was a panel posted every day. There have even been occasions where three panels were posted in one day!

With your painted style that's probably unlikely to happen in your game, bachan. But I look forward to seeing the results. Beautiful work so far.

Unknown said...

Thanks... It's happened already. We changed the rules a bit following yours. Betteo's update was supposed to happen tomorrow, but he jumped the gun and it's online now.
I think it's going to be faster later, but we want to have at least the first full circle in the order we planned.
You don't know Clement for instance. He´s the guy that did strip no. 2, and he did it in about 2 hours. The guy's a machine.

Also, thanks to the links here and on D Taylor's blogs, we've got some english speaking traffic... I'll propose to my colleagues the possibility of offering an english version.
Shouldn't be too much of a problem since all involved speak english.

Again, thanks for the help.