Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Love Bites

Just before setting off on my hols last week (two days before) I stuck a break in the schedule for Grimmwood and made a teaser trailer for Curtis Jobling to take along to Annecy so he could show off Biteneck Beatniks in all it's animated glory. Here's a few stills from that:

Be sure to visit the house of bling over at his palacial palace of pleasure... the 'Badabling thing' boudoir.

I've worked with Curt on quite a lot of projects and this is one we're working on together as an animated project and potentialy a comic book, based on a series of paintings he's had exhibited all over the place. It's all tremendously exciting stuff.

The teaser is 52 seconds long and plays like a sixties pop promo. The sequence consists of various cuts and fades of the band members playing to a little jazz number called 44th street. The players where all drawn in Flash 8, using the original paintings as reference.

More about the music; I was trying to write the music for this for some time before I actually sat down to make the teaser but just couldn't get anything to fit. I'd animated the bass player (Bass face) playing, nodding his head and tapping his foot. Quite by chance I was listening to 44th street (which is a track you can find on garage band as a loop sample, or segment) while the animation was playing back in flash (which it was animated on), and quite by chance I noticed that it appeared that Bass Face was playing the track. So I sampled some zombies sounds and werewolves howling and crowds cheering to give the whole thing a live performance feel and composed my shots. It sort of all fell together rather nicely.

UPDATE: You can now watch the trailer here.

Biteneck Beatniks is ©2006, Bada Bling Ltd.


paulhd said...

Like, crazy daddio.

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Like, totaly.