Friday, June 09, 2006


Re-posting pages 3+4 since the link broke on the last post.

I have been away on holiday this past week; the first in four years!! I think it may have been more than four actually! Argh! I have taken to drinking red wine instead of bear and have grown sick of the smell of fish and chips and fried food.

We (my wife and my son) went to Norfolk and stayed in a tiny cottage in a tiny coastal village called Blakeny (where the walls are clad in shingle like barnackles). I go all Diggory Venn, a rusty red color, when I tan. Like some scortched hell fiend. Beneath my eyes I have weathered markings, like a racoon.

We took to Holkham beach, which is one of our favorite English beaches. It features at the end of "Shakespear in Love"; a stand in for Illyria. Quite breathtaking. My son and I chased each other around the dunes and took half the beach home with us. A crawling chase which amused him no end. He has also acquired a new laugh, a sort of pirate-like "ah-ha"; quite befitting a coastal holiday.

Have been catching up on my comic book reading list. Almost up to date with all things Infinite in the DC universe. Almost. One heck of a Gruenwaldian marathon. I kept all my tpb's off the beach and still managed to get sand in them (which is a pet hate, have to admit).

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