Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Strange Planet Radio

The sounds coming from Strange Planet (which scientists recently discovered orbiting our sun) have been so loud that space scientists are manning a mission to the planets surface in order to ask the inhabitants to turn it down a bit.

In the sidebar you'll find a collection of tracks that have been culled from Strange Planet transmission archives. Scientists believe that music is an important and influential factor in the artistic output of Strange Planet.

If you stand out in your garden late at night or perhaps you're not fortunate enough to have a garden but you have a balcony, or maybe you're not even lucky enough to have a balcony but you have an open window, or you don't have a window, you may hear the sound of music being gently carried on the night breeze. Don't believe for a minute that it's just the sound of a late night disco just a few blocks away. That, my dear believer, is the sound of Strange Planet. And if the noise bothers you and you can't get to sleep because of it, be rest assured that space scientists are doing something about it.


Nimiwey said...

cant be. the earth is flat.

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Hey, the customer is always right.