Tuesday, February 06, 2007


This week I've been working on "the job I can't talk about", so I'll say no more than that on the matter. I'm also working on two commercials that I will be able to say more about nearer the air date. I'm working, honest.

This week sees the start of the Animex international animation and computer games festival up in Middlesbrough for which I did the festival intro sequence which shows a boy and girl fighting over a TV remote. The girl wants to watch an old black and white cartoon while the boy wants to play video games.

As mentioned in other posts, this was also a testing ground for incorporating 3D elements, something I'm now currently doing in Grimmwood (though the 3D elements in Grimmwood will be used quite differently, there's a large amount of multi-planning in Grimmwood that then works into 3D, much like you see in the opening to Vermitterte Melodie). For the Animex intro the characters are the only 2D elements in the spot, everything else is a model, including the spaceship in the video game you see below. Because all the 3D elements are vector based, it fits snuggly with 2D vector Flash animation (Swift 3D was designed for that purpose). It's a lot of fun to use and I'm slowly learning just how much it can do, which is quite a lot.

Unfortunately I can't make it up to the festival this year (and I was really hoping to) due to various deadlines (as is usually the case this time of year). But I'm going to make definite plans to go next year and will be marking it in my calendar with a great big marker pen.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Your intro looks fab !! I like the look of the 3D stuff,it has a really nice style to it !!

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Cheers! As the characters were quite rounded I decided all natural elements would be squared off and quite sharp edged. The landscape itself was quite roughly done. Started with a flat surface, selected faces and pulled them up and then dropped in a transparent cube volume of water. It was a lot of fun to do. I didn't include the background though till the final week of animation. Originally they were adrift with only a horizon line. It wasn't until I'd almost completed the animation that I decided to go back and give the audience more points of reference as the camera moved about.