Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Found this while I was backing up some discs and clearing space on the old hard drive. This is from an old pitch for Nickelodeon for some spot or other. It wasn't successful unfortunately. All done in Flash utilizing the blur feature. I did a pretty rough ziptone for the sky, and the interior was paneled with a deep wood texture. The kids originally have different colored hair. Notably, I recall that the bairn in the car seat had blue hair to reflect the Nick Jr. channel, and was also wearing a blue romper.


dragonhead said...


I guess it got rejected since it seems a bit dark (As in why Invader Zim was canceled).

I. N. J. Culbard said...

I completely agree. I started with quite a dark palette too of blues and oranges which as you can see are at the darker end of the color wheel to where they could have been (the hair was lighter original and quite specifically matching the channel branding colors), but regardless of that, the characters are a little spikey too and the background a little too dark.

I rather liked Invader Zim. But then I rather enjoyed the comics, Squee and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac so I was perhaps a ready made audience for it (albeit a bit too old). I love also in Invader Zim the combination of 3D effects and 2D. Beautiful.

A lot of pitches, for me, turn into an exercise in trying something new. I think with this one I was dabbling in flat colors and textures and shade and just how much 'artwork' I could keep in Flash without taking it to After Effects. So, whilst some pitches prove unsuccessful, they're never entirely fruitless.

paulhd said...

Man, if I'd done cool looking stuff like that it wouldn't need finding when clearing up!
Using pitches as experimental excercises seems quite a bold, but healthy thing to do, good on you.