Thursday, February 08, 2007

We walk short-stepped but high of heart...

... Through honey-dew and flowers.

It's been a tremendously long time since I last posted on this plog, leaving promise of a trailer that was soon to arrive. Well, a tremendously long time in the real world, in production however, where time is relative to that of time in the kingdoms of faerie, it has been the blink of an eye. Fear not! I am not writing now to tell you that production has ceased. Far from it. I have been busy. I return now, now that things are slowly falling into place, though future posts may still be few and far between, production soldiers on.

I was almost good to go, back in September, when I decided to get some paid work in so as to tide me over whilst working on Grimmwood, but, I got so much work in I found myself with little-to-no time for the project. So, with what time I did have for the project I found myself going back to the drawing board (concerning backgrounds) and re-addressed where I was with that. And boy am I ever glad I did. I went back to address the character of the Grimmwood itself. Because the Grimmwood is not just a background. It's a living, breathing, environment, it's a character as much as Thomas Hardy's Egdon Heath was in Return of the Native. The Grimmwood is not just some outcrop of trees or knot of brambles. This is a place rich with history. And I felt that as I had it back then, last September, it just didn't have enough character. And so I immersed myself in early Victorian fairy art. Artists like Edward Dulac, John Anster Fitzgerald, Richard Dadd, Richard Doyle, Edward Robert Hughes, and John Everett Millais, artists who gave voice to the hedgerows and briar thorns and breath life into the deep dark woods. So the Grimmwood itself is somewhat different now to how it was before. It's alive.

Currently putting the work together so I can show a small teaser trailer of sorts, and then I'll be posting up the trailer along with artwork and various notes on how certain shots were achieved etc. When? Quite soon.

In the interim, day to day (or there abouts) work stuff is discussed over at the parent blog to this one, Strange Planet Stories which has details of work I've just completed among other things.

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