Saturday, March 31, 2007


Proper Saturday evening telly has finally been restored. The new series (third series* with a fourth already commissioned) of Doctor Who began this evening on BBC1 here in the UK and very good it was too. A lightening storm sends a hospital to the moon (looks mad enough on paper doesn't it? Wait till you see it on telly). "We've got air," Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), the doc's new companion observes, "How does that work?" "Just be glad it does," says the Doctor. And he's right. Everything about the new Doctor Who works. Far be it from me to try to figure out why, it just does and I'm glad.

*for all Stargate fans, it's season twenty-nine ;).


Andrew Glazebrook said...

It was great,all the family watched and even a few of us were scared,not me though ...honest !

paulhd said...

Great start. Martha, the new companion, hit's the ground running. Shame I managed to avoid spoilers and rumours for this series only for some rubbish TV guide to tell me something I had no idea was happening. Bugger.