Monday, March 26, 2007


Live action!

Had to attend a live action shoot for a couple of commercials I'm directing at the moment (the commercials are animated with a couple of live action elements) and that involved getting up at 5am this morning (after realizing at 2am that the clocks changed ... so I had even less sleep than I'd anticipated) and traveling down to London on the early morning train.

The woman in the seat next to me fell asleep on top of me. Not just resting her head on my shoulder (like you get with people commuting sometimes) but properly laying on my whole left side because the arm rest between us had been left up between the seats (I'd fallen asleep myself, against the window). She was very embarrassed. I didn't mention that she had been snoring very loudly (which was what woke me up), I thought she was embarrassed enough.

All the live action for these commercials was shot against green screen, which basically means intensely hot studio lights. So today was a day of feeling intensely hot and sleep deprived. And sleep deprived meant drinking lots of coffee (which I don't normally drink) and feeling really anxious as a result. But I actually managed to enjoy today, even though I'm really wiped right now and have only logged on to write about it because I'm in one of those 'so exhausted I can't sleep' sort of moods.

More manic craziness tomorrow and then on Wednesday I may actually finally catch up on the sleep good and proper (I think I owe myself a months worth... wouldn't that be nice?)


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