Monday, May 29, 2006

With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes...

... she shall have music wherever she goes.

Red Hood has been through numerous changes. The earlier post was almost there. The image attached here, which includes some past incarnations, is the conclusion. She's a little taller now and there's the additional detail on her robes (the weaving leafy vine pattern).

n a very earlier draft, the cloak wasn't all enveloping as it is now, it hung by a clasp from her shoulder and you could see the outfit she wore beneath but I came to slowly realise that the concealing cloak actually was befitting her battle scarred and jaded character. Something ceremonious about it.

As today was a bank holiday, I didn't do much work (just a little this morning while my son took a nap). My family and I set out to Clumber Park this afternoon where I took more photographs of trees and rooftops (some of which I'll include in later posts). We've had a great weekend. It's been pouring with rain, but everywhere we've driven to has been sunny and warm. Just as we got in the car to leave Clumber, hail stones started falling. It had been bright and sunny just moments before. One of those lucky weekends I guess.

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