Thursday, February 01, 2007


Some footage here from an early Disney CG animation test directed by John Lasseter. The footage the spot refers to I remember seeing quite a number of years ago now (I think it was an Arena special, something like that, some BBC 2 animation special back in the earlier nineties). I was hugely inspired seeing this. In essence this is pretty much the technique of combining 2D with 3D that I'm using now for work like "Animex" and "Grimmwood".


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Still looks pretty neat considering how long ago it must be ! I taped Equinox off Channel 4 years ago called 'The New Magicians' which covered movies like 2010 and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom but they also had some early Cg stuff on that done by the Cray Computer which I remember looking really neat,the type of thing a home PC can do in minutes now though !

I. N. J. Culbard said...

I may be wrong but it was after a showing of "Knick Knack"(at least I think that's right) that I saw this, so it may have been part of a BBC 2 animation season. Your "New Magicians" rings a bell. I think I recall seeing that too.

And, I agree, it still certainly does look neat considering. I think the principle is basically what's sound. The Animex animation I did was done in pretty much verbatim the same fashion as what you see in Lasseter's test here. I did a "vector test" as they call it, and then worked the animation (2D) into it. Same thing with Grimmwood for sequences that need that extra dimension.

But as wonderful as this film by Lasseter is... that's nothing (re: next post).