Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Films, & Comics, & Blogs - Oh my!

I'm currently making a film, for which there's a production diary. Click on the image above to visit the site (or on the link in the links list).

Meanwhile, on the comics front; waiting for confirmation from Judge Dredd Megazine as to which issue my six page story "Monsters" will be appearing in. As and when I do hear back, I'll post images from it here, including sketches and such. The Megazine is featuring a small press spot each month, showcasing new artists and writers, which is all exciting stuff. The current issue, 245, features the rather excellent work of Dave Hitchcock.


paulhd said...

SpringHeeledJack's great isn't it. Love that crazy comic Victoriana.

Anonymous said...

as i mentioned in the shop - love those wolves.
and im getting all 'don't look now' freaked out by the red hood

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Well spotted on the "Don't look now" front. The film has rather a lot of wolves in it, so that should keep you happy:)

Jo Bling said...

You should bring these images out as a set of digital print postcards. They'd look great in gothic gold miniframes.