Monday, May 29, 2006

Spring Clean...

Given the blog a spring clean this evening; new title logo and Grimmwood fancy link image in the links section as I slowly get my monkey brain around the most basic of basic html. Figured that after so much black and white artwork what the place really needed was some color.

Also have kind permission from the remarkable Ian Carney to publish "Big Ape Go Mental" (which he wrote and I drew) on this very blog, which I'm really pleased about because it's a cracking script and it was a shame it never saw light of day by any other means. It is one issue of what was going to be a four issue story, but you'll see 24 pages of it here, so it's better to have love and lost etc.

Anyway, better get on with converting those pages to web friendly meaty chunks.


paulhd said...

Love the new logo - nice Jetsons style helmet.
Looking forward to Apes, I love the apes... in a purely platonic fashion.

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Apes are great. Apes are for comics what kittens are for greeting cards.

Glad you like the logo:)